Introduction The cloud computing industry is huge, with many different types of solutions to choose from. However, some of these solutions are more popular than others. Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of cloud computing and their use cases: Public Cloud As a user, you can access the […]

Introduction The cloud is great. It has allowed us to access data from anywhere, on any device. But sometimes it isn’t enough—there are times when we need real-time information and fast speed so that we can make decisions or take action quickly. Edge computing allows us to do just that […]

Introduction Cloud computing is a popular and effective way for businesses to store data. However, there are some scenarios where cloud computing isn’t the best solution. For example: your business may want to keep certain types of data onsite, or you may need to make sure that critical information is […]

Introduction Edge computing is a method of distributing data processing closer to the source of information. It has been referred to as “fog computing,” “edge intelligence,” and “cloudlet.” There are many benefits to this technique, including improved responsiveness, increased security and control over data, and reduced latency. What is Edge […]