Introduction Machine learning is part of a larger field called artificial intelligence (AI), which is the study of making computers do things that require human intelligence, such as recognizing objects and speaking. AI has been around since the days of Alan Turing and other pioneers, but it wasn’t until recently […]

Introduction Machine learning is quickly becoming one of the most important tools for businesses to take advantage of big data analytics. It’s also a fascinating field that has applications beyond just business, including things like self-driving cars and diagnosing diseases. Machine learning algorithms can be divided into two broad categories: […]

Introduction Machine Learning is the science behind AI. It’s a type of software that uses algorithms to learn from data and then make predictions. Machine Learning can be used to train computers to classify objects, predict consumer behavior, and even respond to questions with natural language processing. It’s amazing, but […]

Introduction Reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning that relies on rewards and punishments to train an algorithm to act in a way that maximizes those rewards. It’s easy for humans to think about what the best possible next move is, but it’s very difficult for computers to do […]