The Path To A Data Prep Unicorn Job


Data Preparation Unicorn jobs are hard to find and even harder to get. But with the right preparation, you can become a Data Prep Unicorn and land a job that puts your skills to good use while also paying well.

Learn the basics.

You’re a data prep unicorn, and you love what you do. You’ve got a good handle on the basics of your craft, and now it’s time to take your skills to the next level.

That may sound like an easy task–but if you’ve ever tried learning something new from scratch, then maybe not so much. The first step in becoming a true expert is knowing where and how to start learning more about your field.

Data preparation has been around for decades; however, many people still don’t know what it means or how exactly it works (or even why it matters). If this sounds like something that could be helpful for your career path but also sounds too confusing at first glance because there are so many moving parts involved in any given business decision involving data analysis projects–don’t worry! It gets easier once we break down each component separately below:

Practice by yourself.

Practice by yourself.

Practice with a friend or colleague.

Practice with a data set that you’re interested in and want to get better at, but don’t have access to one at work.

You can also practice on your own time by downloading public datasets from the internet (see below), or creating your own small mock-ups with fake data in Excel or Rodeo Studio (a free tool from Stitch Fix).

Get certified in something.

If you’re looking to get a job in data preparation, certifications are a great way to demonstrate your skills and give yourself an edge over other applicants. There are plenty of certification programs available for both commercial and open source tools, so make sure you do some research before deciding which one is right for your situation.

Certifications can also help earn more money–so if that’s something that interests you (and it probably should), then getting certified might be worth considering!

Build a portfolio of projects.

The best way to get a job is by building a portfolio of projects.

As you think about what kind of work you want to do, consider the following:

  • Are there any projects that you are passionate about? If so, what skills do they require?
  • How could those skills be used in other types of jobs or industries?
  • How might they help build up your resume and network?

Show off your skills at meetups and conferences.

If you want to become a data prep unicorn, there are some great ways to show off your skills. Meetups and conferences are the perfect places for you to shine.

You might be afraid of asking for help from others because it might make them think less of you or even feel uncomfortable. But if someone asks me a question about my job, I’m always happy to answer because I love talking about what I do! If someone asks me how my weekend was, I’m probably going to tell them anyways–so why not share some knowledge too? It’s also important not just ask questions but give back as well: if someone is struggling with something related (e.g., SQL), then offer up some tips or resources that helped out in similar situations before.

Build a network of people in the field you want to work in.

  • Build a network of people in the field you want to work in.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile, connect with people in the field and ask them for an intro to someone else.
  • Ask them for help with your resume and cover letter (and don’t forget to say thank you!).

Data Prep Unicorn jobs are the most difficult to find but there are tips that can help you get one

Data Prep Unicorn jobs are the most difficult to find but there are tips that can help you get one

Data Prep Unicorn jobs are hard to find because they are so specialized and require a lot of experience in order to be successful. In order for you to be seen as the best candidate for these positions, you need to build a reputation as a Data Prep Unicorn and show that your skills match up with what companies are looking for when it comes down hiring someone new on board who knows how do their job well.


The path to becoming a data prep unicorn is not an easy one. But with the right attitude and some hard work, you can make it happen!

Herbert Pourvase

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